Most of my history is in commercial, proprietary software. I’ve done lots of line-of-business application development, web services, and even a fair bit of front-end work. But I’m not particularly visible in the open-source world. Here’s a selection of things that I have been involved in recently that are open-source. (I’m also a contributor to a few other projects, but many of those are so long ago nobody cares anymore).


Committer: Early and active involvement

Committer: Maintenance, active involvement


Purely mine

At the moment, the bulk of these are just repos for github static pages. Maybe the probabilistic-models one is cool if you want to see how I code in a language I didn’t know very well when I was sleeplessly dealing with being a new father 6 years ago.

There’s also a bit of stuff on my YuzuTen organization page but it’s mostly ancient (ca. 2011).